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Review: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6) by Cassandra Clare

City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can't write my review right now, so RTC. Period.

Ok, after 18 days I will write a review. The book was...


First of all, I'll tell you that for me this book was 70% making me cry just based in my feelings for Will, Jem and Tessa, it was like if TMI had no weight an it had to take it from TID, I don't know why, but if I liked this book it was because TID. Sorry but it is true. The other 30% was meet Emma and the issue with Simon at the end.

Second thing: For me, City of Glass was a way more exciting than this book! Sorry but sometimes I felt bored while reading CoHF!

Third: I didn't post my status update while reading because I din't want to spoil the book for the others, so here they are and it is full of spoilers so, read under your own risk.

00% Ok, lets read CoHF

05% I bet he is talking about Will and Jem

06% Everybody to Alicante? All together?

07% Oh my... Emma's pain is ripping my heart...

10% Jem!

11% "Pure Fury" Emma

12% "Heroes aren't always the ones who win," se said. "They're the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don't give up. That's what makes them heroes." (crying over Clary consoling Emma)

14% "I love you," he said. "I don't say it often enough. I love you."

15% WHAAAT??? That bitch Seelie queen!

16% What's going on with Maia?

16% Seriously? Maureen has him in a cage?

17% Jordan was the first one!  so, he is dead and Maia didn't tell him what was bothering her…

18% Oh, I hate when Magnus doesn't have answers too...

19% Special protection? I bet it was Tessa and Jem

21% it's a trap!!

22% It’s Jem! It’s Jem!

23% Oh God, Jace! <3 br="">
25% (I’m so out of mind that I can not write anything)

25% Raphael snickering about Simon and Izzie Hahahahaha!

26% Jessamine!!!! How could I forget her! She saved the London Institute! You kept your word!

27% Isabelle and Lord Montgomery! Lol

30% So, that was it, Maia wanted to break up…

30% “You are a great deal of trouble, Jace Herondale” LOL

31% JEM! (I’m crying over here)

31% So, Jace’s heavenly fire was what made Jem himself again.

31% Oh my! All this convo between Jace and Jem is heart touching, and now Jem thinks about Tessa as home, God, I’m so happy!

31% But now, I think about Clary telling Jace Jordan is dead, Jace, Simon and Jordan were friends… now I’m so sad…

33% Kyaaa!!! Oh my Gosh!
I stopped at 38% and went to sleep and dream about the book hahaha, and today while taking a shower I was thinking, Raphael said something about Simon drinking Jace’s blood would burn him dead, and then what happened to Jem, so I was thinking, Jace’s blood is the heavenly fire, so if Simon drinks it, he may become human again, right?, maybe that’s why Cassandra showed Simon wearing glasses again, and maybe that’s the cure for the endarkened… Ok, stop rambling, let’s keep reading…

38% Alec is worried about Magnus, and this is like $%$/NTJNy645•$•$ (I have no words for this)

42% Jem always worried about the Herondales <3 br="">
44% OMG!!! Maia!!! So smart!!! Gosh!!

44% Hahahahaha Jace said something about Simon blushing and stuff hahahaha

45% OG! Emma’s father said that? “The Carstairs owe the Herondale” Gosh, it made my eyes watering…

46% they finally discovered the Queen Seelie is with Sebastian!

47% Come on, they are gonna let go the queen? Pff… and some of them should have gone to tell the clave about the Seelie queen betrayal.

48% Mark!

49% They are in

49% Of curse Sebastian is lying to her, isn’t he?

49% Part Two (shivers)

50% So, they are seeing their dreams come true or something like that? Why Simon sees Clary and not Izzie? Oh! Well, thanks Simon, you just cleared my mind.

54% Oh! Malcom is funny too!

57% A message from Mark! Finally! Gosh!!!

58% Oh my! Lily and Maia!

62% Luke thinks Raphael is like Loki! Hahahahahhaa But then Luck and Raphael talk about Magnus father brrr… that makes me shiver in the bad way…

64% Gosh! Every time Jem speaks thinking about Will or Tessa, I flinch and feel like crying… happy crying or sad crying but crying at last

65% So, Asmodeus is Magnus father?

66% So, Simon’s food it’s lost? “seems like broken glass”

67% Oh my! I actually thought Izzy was going to die!

67% “She and I are very close, by the way,” Magnus Added. Hahahahahaha! Magnus you always say things like that even in the worst and dangerous moments! Hahahaha

67% Of curse Raphael is not going to hurt Magnus, no way, period.

68% Raphael!!!!! Oh my, Raphael!!!

68% Tomorrow night

69% Jace! Hahahaha!

70% Sorry to think about this now but, what did Clary and Jace did to control the fire?

71% 0.0

72% Hahahahaha! Poor Alec! Hahahahaha witnessing that stuf! Hahaha

73% Oh my! I’m gonna stop here, keep reading tomorrow, let’s see if I can actually wait.

74% So, they really do not recognize them or Sebastian told them to let them go in?

75% Face to face! Oh my, Alec did the first strike!

77% “They’ve faerie-proofed” Owww! They are!!

77% Jem!!!!!!

77% “Jules who had kept her alive, who had brought her Cortana when she had thought she would die of grief” >>here I’m crying<<

80% Why? What? I don’t get it!

82% Oh come on! I don’t get the plan! Is she gonna stab him or what?

82% Oh Jonathan!!!

84% No! Do not make Magnus ask help to his father! No! Don’t do this to him! Not Magnus!

84% I knew it!

85% What? What? What? No way! What?

86% Owww… Simon…

87% Oh come on! Shadowhunters never learn! Why are they against Helen and Mark!?

89% Oh my Emma! You should have wait! This is the preamble for the next series… all about the faeries and Jules…

89% Gosh Jace! Of curse you want to be a Herondale!!

91% Really? They are no trying to be friends with Simon again? To build new memories? Really?

93% >>teardrops falling form my eyes as soon as I read the name of Simon’s band<<

95%  Awww…

96% Tessa and Jem watching Jace play the piano, they must be thinking about Will, that makes my eyes watering… wait! Whats the connection between Emma and Jem? I mean, they are Carstairs but…

96% Oh my! Isabelle… Izzy…

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