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Review: Queen of Someday (Stolen Empire, #1) by Sherry D. Ficklin

Queen of Someday (Stolen Empire, #1)Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first thing I'm gonna say is this: I'm heading to wiki to read the real story of Catherine!

Ok, I didn't red the synopsis of this book, I just bought it and start reading it (Because I loved other books by Sherry), I thought this was a book of a love story, but is not that.

I liked the book, I liked Sergei from the first time I read about him. I liked Sophie, and I didn't know Peter was a sadistic! (What I got, for not reading the synopsis).

So, ¿what next?, ¿when is the next book coming?

There are some quotes I loved.

"I think that love can indeed be many things. But the one thing it will never be is practical. Love is irrational by its very nature. It demands passion, fire, and no less than absolute surrender. It is a longing, a burning that consumes you, leaving you without reason, or defense. When love comes, nothing can stand in its way." —Alexander

"What if I have nothing left to fight for? I say, my voice shaking.

"Then you fight until you find something to fight for. But the moment you stop fighting the current, the moment you surrender to it, that's when you are truly lost." —Sophie & Sergei

And some pics

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lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Reseña: Rasguños en la Puerta (RELP #1) by Melisa S. Ramonda

Rasguños en la Puerta (RELP #1)Rasguños en la Puerta by Melisa S. Ramonda
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Ok, Wow, en serio. Wow.

Este libro es todo lo que promete la autora al principio. No es lo que comúnmente se espera de  "hombres lobo", es absolutamente realista dentro de lo fantástico, ¿me explico?.

Es una historia que comienza hablándonos de una tragedia en la vida de la protagonista, y su forma de sobrevivir a dicha tragedia, pero mientras ella se repone de lo que le paso, cosas maravillosas e increíbles suceden. Este libro no es lo que parece, a aun así, es todo lo que debe de ser.

Debo de admitir que en momentos se me hizo larga la lectura, había espacios en lo que me preguntaba cuanto mas faltaba para terminar, pero lo vale, cada segundo leído, cada palabra salida de la cabeza de Johanna tiene un fin y significado.

Mi personaje preferido, el que mas me gusto es Mirko, me pregunto como sera su historia en el futuro... Ah, Richie también me gusto mucho, y Luke.

Mi Nikolai:

Quería hacer un dibujo de como me imagino a Nikolai, pero no he tenido tiempo, así que busque en google, y encontré esto, que es muy parecido a lo que tengo en mi cabeza:

Un Spoiler:

Y unas imágenes que me encontre en la web de la escritora:

Si quieren ver mas imagenes visiten: http://s1112.photobucket.com/user/MEL...

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Review: Ettie Explores Earth: An Ettie the Explorer Adventure Story by Lynn Holland

Ettie Explores Earth:  An Ettie the Explorer Adventure StoryEttie Explores Earth:  An Ettie the Explorer Adventure Story by Lynn  Holland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, I did receive an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for your unbiased review.

I liked this book so much, but my kids loved it! The idea of being freinds with Ettie and "help" him to learn about our Earth was exciting for them. My children are small, 3 and 6, and there are things they have not seen in school yet but it is amazing how they get to their own conclusions, like, ¿Why the sky is blue?, ¿or why the Earth looks blue from space?, is is shocking how they have answered Ettie's questions. My kids are growing up so fast!

Ok, back to the book, the planets, astronauts, the sun, the moon, everything, this book has a little bit of all those things and is easy reading, fun, good draws.

This is how Ettie sees our planet from space ;)

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Review: Jugando Juntos Playing Together (Bilingual ReadersTM)

Jugando Juntos Playing TogetherJugando Juntos Playing Together by Rosa Bustillo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all, I did receive an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for your unbiased review.

Well, I have two kids, one of them is learning to read, and this book was a good exercise for him. It was easy, fun and he liked the characters. I use to read my kids before going to sleep, well, tis time it was my son whom read a book for me. It was really emmotive to hear him read for me nd his little sister.

I have always tried to teach my kids to love and enjoy to read, this book was a good help for that.

(this is not my son! is an internet pic!)

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