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Review: A Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst

A Life Worth LivingA Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst
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A cute story that helps to raise awareness

I have a lot of friends whom help in shelters, my house has been temporal home for some very big dogs; I'm a animal lover, so, when I read this short story it made me angry, and sad, and then happy, and then I cryed, and then I did smile...

It was something to listen Lester's voice, I highly recomend this story.

AND, I know you may know some Animal Shelters, but, if you don't, I let you here this one, Tierra de Animales, is a Shelter in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, they are doing something good and they always need help, here you go if you want to take a look...

Rescate, rehabilitación, esterilizacion, educación
Rescue, rehabilitation, spay/neuter, education, raise awareness
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