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Review: Kell, the Alien by Darcy Pattison (Goodreads Author), Rich Davis (Illustrations)

Kell, the AlienKell, the Alien by Darcy Pattison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for your unbiased review.

Ok, I got this ARC because I have two kids, a boy who is 6 yrs old and a little girl who is only 3. I thought this book was shorter and full of images and it is not! I thought my kids would be bored because of the lack of drawings, but no, I told them what was the book about and they were willing to hear it.

As it is a book too long for just one read we took it as a weekend project and we did read it in parts. It was very funny, and my kids and I enjoyed it a lot, we spend part of the afternoons and part of the night reading this book.

Kell and why his name is Kell, Bree and her kind words, Kelly's parents, the why Kell ended in the Earth, their classmates, the principal, the music teacher, the party, the lists Kell made, it was funny and creative and the most important thing: this book got my kids attention, I always try to make them love reading, and believe me when I tell you, they loved reading this book.

I loved the "Happy Breeday" and every time Bree said "Magnificent"

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