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Review Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, #1) by Claudia Connor

Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, #1)Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, let's start. I'll try to not give too much spoilers, but I can't promise it.

I read this book because someone told me it was amazing, and the recommendation picked me, I was intrigued, I was wondering how good this book would be, and let me tell you, it was worth the read! Hahaha

First I have to tell you that I AM a mother, and from that perspective I can tell you 3 things (maybe 4)that hit my head while reading this book:

1. If I have read this book before being a mother, I probably  would have not liked it that much, because, if you're not a mother, you will never get some important things in this book. Before being a mother I liked childs, from a safe distance, I liked to watch them but never touch them. So, if I have not been a mother, I would have find this plot annoying. Good thing I'm a mother.

2. Those kids got me since the 2% read of this book. May be because their cuteness remind me of my very own kids.

3. If I were Abby, my first thought about a men playing with my kids for no reazon, would have been that he was a pedophile, sorry! Hahaha but that is the ugly truth.

4. In some part of the book, I would ask Matt to stop calling and coming, I would never ever put my kids in the situation to love someone I know is not going to be there for them as they need. Someone they fall in love with at first sight and whom can hurt them with the absence.

5. I totally get what Matt did in the last OP, I get it, seriously, honor, promises, duty, the love for what you do for your country, but I am totally selfish too, and I hated him for that. I wanted him to stay, to choose her.
Ok, now the book! Where everything begins...

Since the beginning we know Matt wants something he doesn't even know, he is no more into one night stands, he wants something different. So, when he met Jack, and then he meets Jack's mother, it happens, he sees something different, he feels curious, but he is not in love, not yet.

And then they met, he let's say, forces himself into their lives, into their vacations, and Abby wanted, of course she does! He's a freaking gorgeous, handsome, polite, strong men. And I was enjoying the book, but suddenly I was in tears every time, in pain.

¿Why? Because I loved him, but he calling to see how am I doing is too much, I would told him to leave it, I would tell him, it hurts to hear his voice knowing he's never going to be part of our lives, I would tell him to never ever call me again. Even if it breaks my own heart.

Gosh! Because I read it and it hurts! And I can not imagine what Abby was feeling, more because she always have been left behind... Time to stop reding, I need a break for my feelings...

And then I was loving Matt, and hating Matt, and loving Abby, and hating Abby, and...

And then everything fits on pleace, but no! Matt has to make me hate him!

It was those times when I want to throw my book away! But as it was my kindle, I can't throw it away, so..

At the end I was like "I get it, but I can not trust you anymore."

But Abby loved him more than I hahaha and with that visit she got, it fixed everything for her and we had a happy ending.

SO, I liked this book, it made me feel a lot of things, it moved my feels, and that, my friends, is what I like from books.

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