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Review: Blue Violet (Svatura, #1) by Abigail Owen

Blue Violet (Svatura, #1)Blue Violet by Abigail Owen
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Freaking awsome!

Ok, let me be serious, first of all, I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I like a very singular kind of books, but sometimes I feel like read something new, so I took this one and let me tell you something:

Letting aside some repetitive stuff, I loved this book, from the beginning of the book it trapped me, all the secrets and all the magic, and then the things started to have sense and I was like:

I liked all girls, I like Ellie even if she is all mighty hahaha, I loved Griffin and Alex and Nate and Ramsay! And the parents and everything. The plot and story si full of magic and feelings. I have to say this is a very, very good book.

And the the end arrived and the thing with Griffin and Selene and that is the end.

I need to know what happens with Grifiin!

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