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Review: Paint Town Tales: The Draw by Amy Arton

Paint Town Tales: The DrawPaint Town Tales: The Draw by Amy Arton
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Ok, first of all, I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Now, I have two little kids, 3 and 6 years old and yesterday night I read them two books, this is one of them.

When my son Alek (6 yrs old) saw the first image said “I will like this book because it is about colors” but then when I started reading he said “No, mama! It has a lot of letters and no draws!” but he keep listening, then when I got to the part where Mr. Green goes on strike he was intrigued “Mom, mom, why green color is angry” so, from that part, he and his little sister were paying a lot of attention, as the book was going, my kids where saying about the mix colors and how to get green, orange and purple, the oldest knew that and when I read that part he explained his little sister about the color mix. It was very delightful to see him “teaching” her those things, and at the end, when I asked them which draw would win the contest to reign the town, Lila (3 yrs old) said “The family will win!”

For me, sorry to say it, the draws were simple, but it happens that my kids liked them a lot, they could identify every draw, so, it doesn't matter my opinion because they liked them and I love to teach them to love books and to read, this book was very helpful in that matter.


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