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Review: Only the Good Die Young by Douglas Trueman

Only the Good Die YoungOnly the Good Die Young by Douglas Trueman
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First of all, I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, well, here is my honest opinion: It's different, it's refreshing, it's tough.

I'm in shock, in a good way. This book is narrated from Rebecca POV, and at the beginning I felt very identified with her with a lot of things (music, living in a bubble, overprotective mother, bitterness, I know a bit of classic music (a little bit) but I do not know anything of real rock! (So, what music do you listen July? Well, that's a theme for an other time). So the thing is that I learned some things I didn't know thanks to Kyle.

The story, as the story goes, it caught me, I had an argument in my head while reading about all the things Rebecca wanted and all the things she heard about life and boys, stereotypes and stuff. As her, I knew Kyle was the big prize in a not good looking envelope, and J.J. there giving mixed signals. And then comes what happened with Bill and her mother, every little secret she was keeping for herself, the bitterness inside her had a cause, here is when I did not feel identified with her, if something bother me I spill it out as soon as I have the opportunity! But I get her, I know why she did those things.

And then things got even more complicated, what happened after the trip and Stacy I was like

And then what J.J. say about what the word shows you every day is the same thing Kyle says about the music industry now days, and it is true, and it makes me thing where are we going as society?

What I want to say is that this book has a lot of very important concepts and things, all inside a novel but it is real. This is a book different from other books I have read and I liked it.

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